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my dream 英语作文

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第一篇:my dream英语 作文

dream leo tolstoy said : “dream is beacon , without dream ,there is no secure direction ”. 列夫托尔斯泰说:理想是指路明灯,没有理想,就没有坚定的方向

as we all know ,it is of great important for individuals who has dream. as a vital part of our life,it bring us hope ,arouses our enthusiasm for life and help us to conquer difficulties.in addition ,it is our dream that enable us to build up our confidence to achieve our goal. as a matter of fact , successful people in mounting number have come to realize the

significance of dream in their achievement .我们都知道,对于每个人来说拥有梦想是一件非常重要的事,梦想作为我们生活中不可或缺的一部分,它带给我们希望,唤起我们对生活的热情 帮助我们克服困难。另外,正是梦想使我们树立了自信完成目标。事实上,大多数成功的人士都明白梦想在他们成就上的重要性。

but how should we realize our dream ? as far as i am concerned ,first of all , i think we are supposed to build up a specifical goal , it can tell us which direction we should go . secondly,going straight toward our goal and paying sweat . only by making effort can we succeed in realizing our

516棋牌大厅dream . thirdly , not only should we have a strong confidence but also be more persistant . no matter how hard it is ,we ought not to give up

easily .facing the mirror and telling ourselves “never say never”.但是我们应该如何追求理想?就我个人而言,首先,我认为我们应该建立一个明

516棋牌大厅确的目标,这能指引我们追求理想的方向。第二,有了方向我们应该笔直向前并且付出辛勤的汗水。第三,我们在追求理想的路上不仅应该树立强大的自信而且要坚持不懈,不管有多困难,我们都不应该放弃。要面对镜子 大声对自己说“永不言弃”。

to tell you the truth , when i was young . i used to fancy my dream . but with time going by , i realize that dream is not imagination . now as a college student , i have a concrete dream and i am devoting myself to

paying effort . so i believe that i can make my dream come true in the near future. 实话说,在我还小的时候,我常常做白日梦,但是随着时间的推移,我认识到梦想并不是幻想,现在作为一名成熟的大学生,我已经有了明确的理想,我也在为梦想不懈努力,所以我相信,在不久的将来我一定能使自己的理想实现。

第二篇:my dream英语作文应用写作

my dream

hello everyone! it is my great pleasure to share my dream with you today.

516棋牌大厅my dreams are like a wide river, which has too many dreams

running together. but, i only dream to be an engineer.

my father is an engineer. when i was a child, my father was one of my most admirable people in my heart. in many times, my father set a great example for me. as an engineer, he often designed and built tall buildings, where i feel it fantasy. so he won the respect and praise from people. when i was very little, and still in my primary school, when my teacher asked me about my dream, "to be an engineer like my father", i answered immediately with no doubt. since then, i develop great interests in building. often while i saw tall buildings, i would consider how wonderful it would be if it's me who constructed it. in my spare time, i often build some building models with my mates.

i always have struggled for my dream for years. i made up my mind to be an engineer and it would never change. now, i have great passion for construction. to realize my dream, i have to study my math and physics very well. so do i make it.

516棋牌大厅now, in my college, i am closer and closer to my dream. i will cherish my college life and value my every minute. i will seize every chance to study hard, arm myself with knowledge, prepare myself for the future and strive for my dreams. i will be determined, face the reality bravely and not surrender to any problems i meet..

it’s like gothe says, “the important thing in life is to have a great aim and be determined to attain it.” being an engineer is my dream. i think it is simple but meaningful.

that's all, thank you!

第三篇:my dream 高中英语作文

the high unemployment rate of college students is said to more than 10 %. many college students complain about the difficulty of looking for a job. in this case, i hold the opinion that one should have a dream in childhood, and keep struggling for dream. on the other hand, one is not supposed to expect too much of himself, and start everything from the most basic.

516棋牌大厅i have my own dream. not to be a scientist or a doctor, but to be a teacher. i’m sure of this dream. teacher is a great career in my eyes, and play an important part in the society. i know it is not easy to realize my dream. but i am willing to study hard from now on. i’m sure my dream will come true.

第四篇:我的梦想 my dream 英语作文带翻译

我的梦想 my dream



516棋牌大厅different people have different dreams. some people dream of making a lot of money. some people dream of living a happy life. some people dream of being famous. some people dream of going abroad, and so on. but my dream is different. maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.

516棋牌大厅i have a wonderful dream in my heart. it's to speak english very well. since english is everything for me. english is my best friend. english is my soul. english is my power. without english, i'm nothing at all. nothing. now, i can think in english, speak in english, and write in english. some people think i'm an indian. some people regard i'm a pakistan. and some people even consider that i'm an egyptian. but if i could speak english as good as an american, my future would be brilliant. so i work very hard.

第五篇:my dream 英语作文+语文作文 一道亮丽的风景线等

516棋牌大厅my dream 英语作文

when i was a naughty boy, may be because of the influence of the film."xiao bing zhang ga",my dream was to be a soldier just like zhang ga. i thought if i was a soldier, i should be able to swim, dive and climb trees as he did. it seemed to be very wonderful. so i began to learn swimming, diving and climbing trees. i practiced every day and finally i could do them well. but when i entered junior high school and had the military training. i suddenly found that being a soldier was very difficult and i wasn't strong enough to bear it . i had to give my dream up.

516棋牌大厅but i wasn't discouraged, and i had new aim, which was to be a postman, or rather to be a newspaper boy. as a newspaper boy. i could speed along streets on a bike and throw newspapers onto every porch. that's also very cool. so i started learning to ride a bicycle. after the everyday practice, i could go very fast by bicycle. but to my disappointment, the job which i wanted only existed in western counties not in china, because there was no porch in china. and chinese postmen had to stuff very thick newspapers into very small mailboxes from very narrow entrances. the job was far from what i had expected. so once again my dream fell through.

perhaps you have had the same experience as i and most of your dreams haven't come true yet. but i think it doesn't matter, because if you have a dream, you'll make many efforts to realize it. this course is really important. if i hadn't dreamt of being a soldier or a newspaper boy. i wouldn't have learned to swim, to dive, to climb trees or to ride a bicycle. even if our dream can't come true, you'll learn much from the efforts you have made. so what i want to tell us is that dream helps us to grow up and teaches us how to control our lives . it is dream that gives us power and makes our lives colorful我的梦想英语作文




how to get happyness 如何获得快乐

there is no doubt that happiness is the most precious thing in the world. without it, life will be empty and meaningless. if you wish to know how to get happiness, you must pay attention to the following two points.

516棋牌大厅first, health is the secret of happiness (the key to happiness). only a strong man can enjoy the pleasure of life.

516棋牌大厅secondly, happiness consists in contentment. a man who is dissatisfied with his

presentcondition is always in distress.无疑的快乐是世界上最宝贵的东西。没有它,人生将是空虚的而且毫无意义的。如果你希望知道如何获得快乐,你须注意下面两点。



一道亮丽的风景线 作文

516棋牌大厅在成长的路上,美丽就如路边的野花,在淅淅沥沥的春雨中摇曳,在轰隆隆的夏雷中绽放,在哗啦啦的秋叶中顽强盛开,在白皑皑的冬雪中傲立枝头。用心体味成长的路上,美丽组成(请帮助宣传好范文 网kirakudou.com)了一道风景线??



在“霜叶红于二月花”的秋日里,忧郁的我在家收拾书本,不经意间发现了夹在本子中的一些枫叶,也不知它们在黑暗中度过了多少时日,然而它们依旧平整美丽。深红的纹络蕴含着不屈不挠的精神,一如 在深秋枝头的顽强、随风飘落的执着;鲜艳的叶面红得发亮,像一盏饱含希望的灯,一直照到我的心底。于是,受到振奋的我发现,美丽就在片片枫叶里,在不屈不挠、充满希望的精神里——枫叶在身旁,美丽就组成了一道风景线。















516棋牌大厅其实,风景不光是水光山色,也是一种精神。如三峡的神女峰,黄山的天都峰,新疆的天池 ,海南的鹿回头??每一处景点无论其大小都有个传说。那耸立的奇峰怪石及碧水深潭本是鬼斧神工,但那些个寓意深刻、美妙动人的神奇传说则是人类思想精神诠释的最佳展现。假若没有神奇的传说,风景会是怎样的黯然!见了灵动的景物不去寄托情思的人对生活一定是冷漠木然的。








































英语作文my dream

英语作文 my dream

英语作文my dream

英语作文 my dream

英语作文 my dream

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